Welcome "The Night Marchers"

Yes, here we go. Since first laying eyes on God's Prey t's, I've been yearning for the day that these oversized, soft-around-the-edges t-shirts covered by acid bathed graphics might radiate voodoo madness throughout Worth. This collection, "The Night Marchers" is the first by God's Prey, a label that is working to round out its vision with a full range of clothing, as well as various accessories. For more of what God's Prey represents, check out their BLOG

Each of the above t-shirts is made in the USA from 100% cotton. The pattern, or "body" of the t-shirt has been developed specifically for God's Prey, and features a curved bottom hem, as well as slightly longer sleeves, which are perfect for rolling. 

T-shirts: $59.00 

Scarf: $64.00

New Denim at Worth

Fresh from Amsterdam, Blue Blood denim is now available at Worth! What we love most about this label, is how B.B. produces well-constructed denim with natural looking washes, and simple, yet eye-catching details. What does this all mean? Timeless looking jeans that will get better with wear. 

"Hutton" Mellow Clean wash: $309.00

"Bartlett" JJ's Oil wash: $349.00

*stay tuned for more styles from Blue Blood coming soon


Movie Mondays

With Mondays being blaaaah for most of us out there I offer some relief in the form of movies(how you enhance the movie is up to you). Strolling through Bird Dog Video, my favorite video joint, I can always count on the staff to offer up some great suggestions to delight my senses or escapism depending on how you look at it. This past weekend two movies were brought to my attention and with the "staff picks" tag on them how can I say no! Splinter recommended by Jim and Nerdcore Rising by Jacklyn were both very entertaining and a great way to end the "blaaah" of Monday.

Bird Dog Video
1333 16 Ave SW

SPLINTER.... it will get under your skin

I always love movies that make me think twice about camping or just having my back to a dark forest. Splinter,Winner of 6 Screamfest awards, definitly satisfied the monster in me, thanks Jim!

NERDCORE RISING... when the nerds invade hip-hop

Now if your like me, a lover of documentaries then this is a must. Following MC Frontalot and his gang on their first tour across America, you begin to embrace your inner geek. Jacklyn, Awesome pick!

here for more.


Staff Party

It came eventually on the eve of Sept 26th 2009; Worth's staff Christmas party for the year 2008! 

As you can tell by the above photos (official), fun was had by all! On behalf of the staff at Worth, I'd like to thank Carl, as well as the kindly folks at Local 510 for feeding, drinking, and drunkening us. It was fantastic.  

Now for something bizarre. A Japanese television ad for everyone's favorite hangover food. 




The fashion crowd moves fast. From New York to London and now Milan, the spring/summer 2010 looks are on full display. Unfortunately, between course readings and paper proposals I can't quite keep up, so you must forgive my fashion faux pas as I fill you in on London.....a week late.

The London catwalk saw designs from all realms this season. Chirstopher Kane, most recently of the ubiquitous screaming safari shirts, seen on editors and ingenues alike, changed gears, showing muted gingham creations of all varieties, while Paul Smith was a real wild child, with his twists, ties and layers, and of course the artful draping in luxe sherbet colours that made an appearance courtesy of the quintessential Brit brand, Burberry.

Once again, my favourite show was from a relatively new up and comer, Erdem. I must confess that I am not normally a fan of spring/summer, but his ultra-feminine frocks have me re-thinking my fall favouritism.

Now normally, flower appliqué and taffeta with a lace overlay would conjure up bridesmaid images of the worst kind, but in this case, Erdem blew that all away with his subtle take on surrealism. From the shoes to the glasses and of course the dresses, he doesn't miss a beat. With that said, I am already looking forward to Erdem's vision for fall.

Photos: style.com

New Fall Looks!

Just as things are starting to cool off in this city we've received our fall shipment of Lilly & Jae, which includes two very cozy coats, as well as a few pieces from our new denim line, Blue Blood. For the men, we brought in a hand distressed jean jacket, from Blue Blood's designer label, Avelon, that looks like a well worn hand-me-down from your favourite Uncle. Just the way we like it!

Keep posted for more pictures of the new product in the next week. For now, we thought we let the mannequins have the pleasure of showing off some of our new looks.

Jacket- Hyden Yoo $409
Shirt- Josh Podoll $209
Tie- Hyden Yoo $89
Belt- Orciani $450 SALE $135
Jeans- Wrath Arcane $189 SALE $149

Scarf- Hyden Yoo $89
Jacket- Lilly & Jae $359
Belt- Orchani $175 SALE $53
Tunic- Lilly & Jae $174
Tank Top- Josh Podoll $79

Jean Jacket- Avelon by Blue Blood $466
T-Shirt- Josh Podoll $74
Cords- Spurr $489 SALE $150
Bandana - The Cast $49

Cardigan- Samantha Reed $300
Shirt- Josh Podoll $189
Jeans- Blue Blood $309
Necklace- Toodle Bunny $158
Belt- Orciani SALE $99


Friday Dance Mix

These guys, PANTyRAiD, made a mix that'll blow your brain off the slow(kind of), low(definitely) and plodding(really) way. With known rap vocals over ultra-violent bass oscillation, this is what a 21st century Cenobite might crack a bottle of Cristal to.

Get it HERE and start your weekend off right.


Currently, Worth is made up of one ACAD alumnus, plus a couple of siblings who are proud to have artists for parents, which is why we're excited to promote "SPAWN"- a fundraiser, art exhibit and all-around "monster bash" organized by EAR (Elephant Artist Relief).

On the eve of Saturday, October 3rd, after a week long exhibit at the Arrata Opera Centre, artwork will be up for auction, and bands will be roaring on-stage. Click on the above flyer for more.

For more on EAR, click here.


New Arrivals: Patina Designs

Here we have some totable artistry by a veteran Portobello West exhibitor, Denise Wilson, whose handcrafted leather bags are beautiful in their simplicity. Much of the inspiration behind Patina Designs comes from traveling to, and living in different parts of Europe, where Denise soaks up the local culture, until her eventual return to Vancouver, where the bags are individually produced by hand. 

haarlem tote, size small in forrest green leather: $440-

haarlem tote, size large in grey goat's leather: $550-


As it does every year, the Portobello West market, which took place this past weekend, brought some very talented artisans and designers into Calgary, many of whom stopped by the store to say hello. One of Worth's visitors, Trudy Wynans, the designer and producer of Vancouver's TOODLEBUNNY jewelry, presented us with her new collection, which we had to have.

So here it is! Included are some pieces designed especially for Worth, as well as a one-off necklace which must be experienced in person (see "one of a kind"). Each piece is handmade, and quantities are very limited. 

leather & chain bracelet: $95-

gold feather bracelet: $78-
medieval charm bracelet (made for worth): $125- 

various earrings (L-R) $82- $80- $70- 

long gold feather necklace: $128-

free me! earrings: $78- 
feather necklace: $108-

crescent necklace (wood): $75- 

feather cluster necklace: $149-

vintage locket necklace: $89-

"one of a kind" necklace: $265-

medieval necklace (made for worth): $158-