Vancouver Art Experience

This last week I packed up my summer school supplies and headed off to my second hometown, Vancouver, for a quick trip. Aside from a few foul food experiences, the odd skunk spotting and a handful of bizarre transit run-ins, the trip went off without a hitch. Along with the Sea Wall and cheap sushi restaurants, one of the must-stop spots is the Vancouver Art Gallery. I spent $15 and an entire afternoon being inspired and completely awestruck by the three visiting exhibits showing this summer season.

Thanks to a loan from the Rijksmuseum I was treated to a large handful of works from the Golden Age of Dutch oil painting, featuring the likes of Vermeer and Rembrandt. Without a brush stroke in sight these painting masters crafted flawless portraits, dreamy landscapes, and still life scenes that provide the perfect snapshot of Dutch decay.

Next up, I was able to travel through home decor of the ages as I explored 'Ought Apartments', a massive Reece Terris instillation. Terris recreated complete living spaces, bathrooms and storage included, from the 50's to now, by erecting a six story structure to highlight each decade. No detail was spared, from the choice of tile to the magazines and wall hangings, this instillation left me with plenty to feast my eyes on.

Finally, just when I thought my eyes had had enough, I made it to the top floor and came across the most interesting photography of Anthony Hernandez. His candid view of 70's and 80's L.A at its most decadent with a Beverly Hills series, and most honest with streetscape and bus stop snap shots, ended my museum day on the perfect note.

Show us the Studio!

For Whatever reason, I wasn't aware of this site until a few days ago. Since coming across it, I've spent quite some time exploring SHOWstudio.

There's a lot to look at, so get comfortable and click, click, click your way through various stages of the creative process that is fashion.


Pretty pretty photos

What a day for visitors! Beginning this morning, smart, funny and talented people have been streaming through the door non-stop. One of our friends, Samantha Savage Smith (who you may recognize as the subject of these stunning photos) came in to show us THIS, and needless to say, we're impressed.

Shot by the talented Lindsey Baker, the following images, which have been taken from her website's BLOG are indicative of the artist's "...preoccupation with beauty", as well as her "impulse to create". We're still a little awestruck.



As many of you know, recently, Carl has given up sleep entirely in favour of "putting in work". No kidding. These days, if he's not in the store, there's a good chance that Carl's working with Mark's (formerly Mark's Work Warehouse), styling the catalogue images for their new women's line Ispiri. Below are some examples.

Snack My Ritz Up

As anybody who works, or has worked retail can attest, the taboo act of snacking among staff members goes on constantly, which means frequent ducking, dodging and hiding is necessary in keeping this clandestine practice going without a hiccup. Frankly, by publishing this post, I'm putting my reputation on the line.

Depending on whether your snack is one course(jolly ranchers) or multiple courses(snack pack), varying degrees of caution must be taken to keep the crumbs away.

To the left: A Worth classic, as described by taquitos.net

Taste: These wide-rippled potato chips were excellent, with a great crispness, truly great crunch, and a creamy onion flavor that mild but distinctly oniony. The crunch really stood out because, with the exception of kettle-cooked chips, you really never find potato chips this crunchy. Great chips.

*Note: Being professionals, Worth staff only snacks at the appropriate times, whether you notice or not. Trust us.


Portland Roaming!

About a month ago, my sister and I left town to attend our Cousin's wedding at the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood in Oregon, which is located about 50 miles East of Portland, the city that served as our way point both to and from the Vancouver Airport. 

We'd visited Portland before, however, at the time, our youth and subsequent lack of experience in life was a bit limiting. Now, as a couple of twentysomethings with our accommodating mother in tow, we did whatever we wanted! 

First things first, we needed a place to kick back and stow our belongings. The Hotel Vintage Plaza proved to be more than adequate, with popsicles and Wii in the lobby. The kids were relentless. Also, next door stands Thaiphooon, which is my new favorite Thai restaurant. If you're ever there, try the Tom Yum Goong Soup.  

After a good night's rest, it was breakfast time. As recommended by the hotel's staff, we walked to the Bijou Cafe, where once again, my envy for Portland food spots was running hot. I can't stress how good Bijou Cafe is. Their corned beef hash gave me legs enough to roam past lunch without a thought. Check it out! 

From breakfast, we happened upon Portland Outdoor Store, an establishment that's been providing the Pacific Northwest with hard-working boots, belts, coats, shirts and everything else for over 100 years. Work wear fans: You MUST visit Portland Outdoor Store. 

Having each bough a new pair of boots, it was time to continue on. Much walking, eating and shopping followed, but I'll spare you the details. Bottom line: We'll be back. 

*Carl and Kim: Thank you both for covering our galavanting asses for 6 days. 

Summer+Sale= Fall looks?

A few more weeks and you'll be trading your Dean Koontz for text books, walks on the beach for social dance class, and summer picnics for food fights in the caf. Thankfully, you don't have to trade in your style. Avoid the sloppy student uniform without blowing your summer savings by mixing our great sale items with a few fall pieces.
Take a look at the collegiate combos Liam and I put together using only one full priced item each.
Grade A, if I do say so.

Sweater- Generra: $459- *new fall item
Vest- Chimala : sale $69- original $205
Pants- Conference of Birds: sale $49- original $249
Shirt- Idol Radec: sale $49- original $220
Bow Tie- Conference of Birds: sale $63- original $126

T-Shirt- Rxmance: $73- *new fall item
Vest- Generra: sale $129- original $330
Dress- Josh Podoll: sale $147- original $210
Necklace- Rosebud: sale $82.50 original $165


"Hey Carl, what's that?"

As many of you already know, Worth is decorated with some really unique things, many of which have an equally unique story behind them. Today, we discuss the accordion.

No bones about it. If prompted to tell the accordion story, Carl(pictured above) will proudly inform you that as a child, his will to have a pearly accordion was much stronger than his parents' will to deny their son the pleasure. Now the kicker. After only a few lessons, Carl officially quit the accordion, which he now admits he was only interested in for its visual appeal. Impressively, despite his not playing it, Carl has carted his pretty instrument along to every city he's taken up residence in. Even London!

Dace A/W '09

Frankly Jennifer Campbell, we couldn't agree with you more.

Click HERE to see what I mean.

*Note: Select pieces of Dace A/W 09 now in store.

Client Style pt. 1

Since this blog's maiden keystroke, it's been our intention to feature photos, as well as accompanying blurbs(short & succinct) presenting clients whose style we admire.

Whoever says that today's young people "don't know how to act" clearly aren't aware of Michael, the polite young gentleman pictured below. A recent High School graduate, Michael's ability to put together looks effortlessly and effectively impresses us all, even if his kit(inspired by utilitarianism in this case) is as simple as boots, black denim and a jean jacket.

Thanks for your support Michael! We surely appreciate it.



Friends of Worth and promoters of Calgary's creative community, photographer David Jonathan along with makeup artist Olga Onulov are the minds behind OX., the new creative vehicle for artists and models to showcase their talents by creating thought provoking images. Basically, OX. is all about building a positive community among Calgary's talents, which we think is great. 

Follow this link to check out OX. images from past and present

Plus, for this shoot, Carl made a guest styling appearance and Worth provided the clothing. 


New Arrivals: THE CAST

Forget that glamour-puss "Rock and Roll" inspired clothing from L.A., because this is The Cast. Since 2004, Chuck Guarino and Ryan Turner have been producing  clothing that speaks to its uncompromising fans with genuine sentiment. These clothes are designed to transcend the faddish waves of fashion by being honest, which we really admire. 

Bellow are some images of Worth's first shipment of The Cast. Each of these pieces is produced in the USA. 


New Arrivals:THE CAST

Cream "Chief" Hoodie: $189.00

Black "Chief" Hoodie: $189.00

New Arrivals: THE CAST

Indigo Denim Vest W/ Cowhide Leather Backing: $515.00
*Note: This item is only available in a size MEDIUM. Also note, It's important to view this piece in person, as the gold print on leather is confounding in its radness.

Black Denim Vest W/ Cowhide Leather Backing: $515.00
*This item is only available in a size SMALL

New Arrivals: THE CAST

Black Lax Denim Pant W/Stretch: $255.00



After selling through our last order in record time there is no doubt that Rare by Rachel is a hot commodity.  With that in mind, we just re-stocked our jewelry case full of her newest necklaces and earrings.  Come by and check out all the jewels before they're gone!

CHARMED:  $139-