Sale Madness!!!

It's major blowout sale time at A Store Called Worth, everything has been reduced radically for both men and women. Everything from the Crosby Jackets to the Conference of Birds dual colored t-shirts for men, to the luscious Generra items for women as well as Greyhound have all be reduced, reduced, reduced!

We took to the sale tags with our Sharpie pens this morning and are ready to clear out our spring/summer stock before the Fall comes.

Yes, we know, the summer only just got started but August is quickly approaching and soon we shall begin receiving all the fabulous merchandise we have ordered in for Fall.

So as a summer gift to everyone men's jackets have been reduced to $99.00 or less, shorts have all been reduced to $49.00 as well as trousers and jeans. Yes jeans, I happen to see a pair of April 77's just waiting for someone to snatch up!

For the ladies, everything has been reduced as well, with most skirts, tops and t shirts all reduced further.

Don't believe me? Here is a sample of items that have been reduced.

Ladies Kenzo Light Cashmere Top
Originally: $85.00
Now: $49.00

Greyhound Silk Dress
Originally: $250.00
Now: $99.00

Conference of Birds Vest
Originally: $322.00
Now: $99.00

T-County Plaid Shirt with Ruffles
Originally: $149.00
Now: $49.00

Come on down and check us out this weekend! Bargains galore!


"September is the January of fashion"

What do Anna Wintour, Valentino and Coco Chanel all have in common?
Well, other than being preeminent taste makers and style icons, the lives of these three fashion forces have been captured on film. While Audrey Tautou takes on the challenge of portraying the great Gabrielle Chanel, Wintour and Valentino each star in their own documentary, allowing cameras to capture the life and work of these legends. So, if you feel like being introduced to Valentino's collection of Pugs, intimidated by Anna Wintor from afar, or sitting back and admiring the Chanel costumes, catching these films on the big screen will be worth your while.

*The Uptown theatre will be holding a special screening of Valentino: The Last Emperor, Friday, Aug.7 from 7-10pm.


Split The Diff

Come on down for a good time and even BETTER deals and discounts (Everything has been marked down at least 50% with the exception of new arrivals.) DJ Kid Champagne will be on the decks playing all summer tunes and it has been rumored that there will be cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

So if you're in the area, take a stroll down and enjoy the evening with us.


Personal @ Worth

A Store Called Worth has been getting a lot of attention these days and we feel it important to outline some of the other services that we offer.

Our talents at Worth not only shine through, individualized attention to clothing, communications and public relations for the store but also presents itself in the form of personal shopping.

As it stands we offer the Personal @ Worth Service.

This service assists clients with a level of individualized attention beyond what a retail environment offers.

Services provided through Personal @ Worth are:

  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Personal Shopping
  • Personal Look book
  • Interior Styling
  • Product Research
  • Closet Organizing
During the first consultation we assess your needs and map out a personalized outline of services required.

For more enquiries about Personal @ Worth, I am available to answer all questions.

Contact Information

Kimberley Jev

E-mail: kim@astorecalledworth.com

Tel: 403 228 1003
Fax: 403 228 1083

Never An Ordinary Day!

There is never a dull moment at A Store Called Worth, I walked in yesterday to find Carl in the middle of a super styling session for a Your Living segment for CityTV.

Here are a couple photos from yesterday.

For the segment Carl will be talking about how to transition a look from the day time to the evening. Stay tuned to CityTV to see the different outfits that were styled for the show.


Street Sighting: 60's Porsche Speedster

The Worth windows look out on to one of the most animated streetscapes in Calgary for better or worse. Today we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of something shiny from summers past, 1990's summer that is. Picture Dylan Mckay. Enough said.

Coming Soon: Blue Blood

For the past couple of seasons, we've struggled to secure a denim label that feels really "at home" between Worth's walls, especially with our specifications, namely, city-wide exclusivity. This fall, all of that will change, as we'll be receiving denim from Amsterdam's Blue Blood, which is quickly becoming one of the most highly regarded denim labels to come out of Europe.

When they started the label in 2002, founders Jason Denham and Steve te Pas set out to create a product that would stand on its own merits rather than bolstering by the usual "hype and hoopla" surrounding the industry. By choosing to create denim utilizing the best quality materials from Europe and Japan, while still pushing the envelope where innovation is concerned (washed finishes take up to 50 steps to create), Blue Blood represents a great balance between heritage and forward design.

Most importantly, did I mention how great this denim looks? Gah!


Creature Feature!

As mentioned previously, the new (relatively) Calgary video store "Burning Moon" will, from time to time, show old horror, cult and exploitation movies on film, which beats the boots off of digital any day, especially on Wednesday, August 6th, when famed Italian horror director Lucio Fulci's 1980 film Zombie will be playing one night only at the Plaza Theatre in Kensington. Show starts at 9:30. 

If you're on the fence, consider this: Shark vs. Zombie underwater! 

See you there

Featured Creature!

Moving sluggishly (especially for a Caterpillar), this guy, Chlosyne Iacinia, came wondering by Worth's front door the other day, and caused a li'l bit o' chaos. I think it was the exotic mix of an orange-dotted spine and furry feelers that got us "city kids" so excited, despite the fact that after a bit of web research, we found this type of Caterpillar to be fairly common, especially in the south-western United States. 

Our theory; C.I. , or Chlosyne Iacinia (incase you forgot), came to check our SALE before hiding in a leaf's fold, transforming into a handsome Butterfly, then migrating to Kentucky, where the sipping is easy.  



Check Carl out on BT.

If there is one thing that we are sure about, it's that the pencil skirt is a must have for Summer 09 as well as for Fall. On July 23, 2009, Carl will be discussing the history of the pencil skirt and how to wear it for different body shapes on Breakfast Television. Check that out for details on where to find some of the hottest styles.

The Fast Romantics

We find that most times when people talk about Calgary they fail to realize what a blossoming music scene we have in the city. The Fast Romantics are based out of Calgary and are making headway on taking over nationally and internationally.

After their first performance in 2007, the Fast Romantics who are very good friends of the store have gone on to work with some amazing talents in the music industry.

The new album which is self-titled was mixed by sound engineer Mike Fraser who has worked with Franz Ferdinand, Sam Roberts and AC/DC. The album was also mastered by Grammy award winner Adam Ayan who has also done work for Nirvana, Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters.

The new album from The Fast Romantics will be released on August 15th and we are very proud to be a sponsor of the release and hope to see you there.

For more information:

The Fast Romatics Website


How To: Make a Chanel Outfit!

Let's all take a little time out to marvel at the craftsmanship behind Karl. Handcrafting Chanel haute couture isn't a job for the faint of heart.


Label Profile: Conference of Birds

We have made many a mention of Conference of Birds on this blog without giving you readers the full story as to why designer Andrew Holden's clothes have made fans of us all. With a debut collection that made a major impression on the fashion forward, Holden earned a place on New York Times 'magnificent seven', a list comprised of men's designers making their mark. Holden has since solidified his place in menswear, creating collections that are coveted by the international fashion community. However, despite the hype, Conference of Birds is still only stocked in fewer than a dozen boutiques worldwide, so Calgarians, count yourselves lucky. 

We love Conference of Birds for the sturdy design, thoughtful colour palette, and silhouettes that add interest to any outfit. While we can't pick a favorite piece, this deceivingly lightweight, yak wool vest comes close. Whether you layer it overtop or underneath, this vest will surely become a staple.  Look forward to more Conference of Birds this fall. We are very excited.

* For international inquiries, please contact via telephone or email.

Conference of Birds Vest: $756-  sale: $369

Check out the video below to view the complete Spring/Summer 2009 collection:

Solar Eclipse

 As the pitch of every summertime party in this city culminates, a strange mix of tension and release floods the streets, which has caused me to hideout, indulging in solemnity.  

 Luckily, Karin Dreijer Andersson of the Knife, my favorite brooding electronic musical duo, has released her first solo album, "Fever Ray", which has provided me with hours of solo listening enjoyment. 

 See and hear it for yourself; Scandinavian inward escapism (my description, not theirs)   




New Arrivals: Wrath Arcane

As mentioned earlier, we have been eagerly awaiting our final shipment of Wrath Arcane for the summer, and I'm pleased to announce that it has finally arrived.

Pictured below are a couple of our favorites pieces, including a hooded two-layer vest, some black selvage denim and shorts perfect for cycling. Come in soon to view these items and more, as they're going fast.

The Skeleton Hoodie ($179.89)

Raw Selvage Denim ($189.88)

Fixed Gear Shorts ($167.98)


Carl Goes Nationwide

Recently, Worth's founder Carl Abad was interviewed and photographed for Canada's most respected newspaper, The Globe And Mail. Congratulations Carl! Evidently, your hard work is not going unnoticed.

To read what columnist Leanne Delap wrote, please see below. Photo by, Chris Bolin

For 10 days every summer, everyone is a cowboy in this town. Or so the saying goes during the Stampede, which opened yesterday and will keep Calgary hooting and hollering until the party ends on July 12.

That means hats and boots are pretty much compulsory, from the beer tents to the chuckwagon races, from the pancake breakfasts to 17th Avenue's mile of patios.

Hence the lineups at the traditional cowboy emporiums – Smithbilt Hats, Alberta Boot Company and Lammle's Western Wear. But even mainstream retailers get into the act: Winners has a special western gear section, and chains including Aldo and Le Ch√Ęteau have mannequins dressed in cowpoke finery.

A little bit country is very stylish. But how do you keep from looking like you work in an O.K. Corral theme park? The hipster boutiques offer a more nuanced take on the look.

“I've picked out the cutest denim jumpsuit at Worth,” says Melissa Wusaty, a fashion stylist and creative director at a model agency.

Indeed, the little blue shorts-suit by Vancouver label Lily + Jae ($129) is simple enough to handle both hat and bandana, belt and fringe bag, which is how Wusaty plans to bust it.

“I grew up in Calgary, so Stampede is summer for me. But I never go head to toe. I'm a huge fan of shirt-dresses, and they are great with boots and bandanas.”

Boutique Worth was opened a few years ago by veteran Calgary fashion stylist Carl Abad. From the custom wallpaper (by Vancouver's Rollout) to the giant white plush stag in the window, Abad is determined to bring international style to Cowtown.

Beside labels such as London's YMC, Generra from New York and Greyhound from Thailand, you'll find the best-ever skinny jeans for women by Bluenotch ($177)plus one-of-a-kind pieces by local designers Samantha Reed, KaaDiki men's wear and jewellery line Rare.

“The trick is to reference western,” Abad says. “For men, a plaid shirt is enough. Bandanas are easy and chic around the neck. Just a hint of prairie rancher's wife – an embroidered collar on a dress, a more refined gingham shirt, a maxi-skirt – is better than full costume.”

Wusaty says denim is the uniting fashion factor for men and women, young and old. She also suggests neutral colours, and lots of prints. “Fit is very important. The biggest mistake you can make is to go for a western shirt that is too big. You need to feel sexy to pull off the cowgirl thing.”

The other way to go is rockabilly. Just down the street from Worth is Blame Betty, a rockabilly and pin-up fashion shop with simply the prettiest summer frocks in the window. From New Orleans, the line is called Trashy Diva, and the soft green and blue floral prints are reproductions of 1940s styles.

“You just want to look vaguely prairie,” says manager Sonja Bloomer, who wears a Trashy dress ($149) with classic boots in the store's Stampede ads.

She points to Rockmount Ranch Wear fitted blue gingham shirts ($89) as the perfect piece for the week.

An Australian line, Route 66, features slightly more expensive but limited-edition embroidered black-and-white cowgirl shirts for $129, and some red-and-black plaid shirts made to fit tight on the prow.

But Abad points out that some boots can't be made merry with just a shirt. “Really cheesy cowboy boots are a disaster,” he says, suggesting that the fashionable head out to local footwear shop Gravity Pope for their signature “almost” cowboy boots. Under jeans, the toe and heel look like classic rancher boots, but the top is “more refined.”

Or go vintage, which means someone else had to break in those boots for you. Abad's pick: “Cat's Eye is the best vintage boot shop in the country.”

With good boots, no matter how uncomfortable you are around bucking broncos, you'll blend.

Worth-Less sale women's picks

The Worth-less sale has been going strong for a few weeks, but don't worry, the early birds haven't snatched up everything. There are still plenty of amazing pieces marked down beyond belief! For the men, we have added more to the already packed shelves, so come in and take a second look. Ladies, I have picked three of my favourite items that have survived the sale...so far.

DRESS: Greyhound: $362- sale: $199- NECKLACE: Rare $121-
JEANS: April 77: $185- sale: $89-
T-SHIRT: Rxmance: $79- sale: $63-


Savage Cinema

SAVAGE STREETS - Where the only rule is "an eye for an eye."

Living near Kensington, during my walks around, I'm subjected to many, many event posters advertising everything from big-budget European DJ tours to private OR group Tango lessons. The other day, I spied a poster that stood out from the rest. Maybe it was the softness of the airbrush style illustration contrasting with the harsh sharp edged party bus graphics surrounding it, or maybe it was the image itself, which included a city's skyline, cleavage, latex, and impossible weaponry. I moved in a little closer to discover that the poster's purpose was to announce a screening of the 1984 exploitation/revenge movie "Savage Streets" staring Linda Blair at the Plaza theatre.


Phone call from friend. "Wanna go?"


From the moment we sat down to view this mess on film (with original trailers and distorted sound), I knew I was in for a treat. As expected, my reactions to the film varied from funny disgust to disgusted disgust, and everything in between. I can't say that I'd recommend this film to anyone unfamiliar with the sub-genre, however, the experience of sitting in an old independent theatre and viewing mind-numbing garbage the old analog way was fantastic.

*Note: From what I understand, this event, which I hope is recurring, was put on by a mysterious new Calgary video store called "Burning Moon", which specializes in cult horror films.


New Arrivals: Rare by Rachel

When Rachel Gillett walked through our doors last Winter, it was like the gates of jewelry heaven opened up and presented us with our very own angel jeweler. Adorned in her signature multiple strand necklace it took every inch of will power in us not to grab at her neck.

After two sold out collections at Worth, Rachel's collection "Rare" is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Each piece is a unique consideration of Rachel's thoughts. Necklaces are all reworked to add the special touch complete with large roses, gold bubbles and pearl accents.

The new collection is by far the best one yet, if you're looking for that special piece to dress up or down an outfit then a Rare by Rachel piece is definitely the way forward.



Rare By Rachel Profile

Who: Rachel Gillett
What: RARE by Rachel - one of a kind and unique jewelry fashions
Where: Born in Vancouver, BC. Raised in Calgary, Alberta.
Background & Inspiration: We all know the abundance of waste we are seeing each day, so it has become a personal goal of mine to ‘Go Green’ and explore the world of Re-Use. So many pieces of jewelry get forgotten and unused and I find it personally fulfilling to rejuvenate jewelry that has been dust-ridden and unworn, yet holds a story. Since a child I have always re-invented my own jewelry to suite my style. Almost a year ago I was inspired to start creating pieces and sharing them with friends and it went from there to the public.

What is RARE by Rachel:
An indulgence in one of a kind and unique jewelry fashions for yourself or any others who may want a taste of renewed charm.
I have created a unique collection of accessories consisting of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that have vintage flare and antique elegance. My collection has been reinvented from personal favorites and new found gems that now have the perfect appeal for any occasion.

It is common for people to receive jewelry from parents or grandparents which holds great value and sentiment but it simply doesn't work with your personal style. If that is the case, I offer my services to revamp those cherished accessories where the cost to you is my time and any extra materials needed.