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By no means are they mutually exclusive; Worth's shoppers and blog readers - an intelligent lot - have surely noticed the slowdown in "new posts" around here. Usually, by this time, Spring/Summer arrivals are being unpacked, photographed and documented with thought and care - a process that we've enjoyed since this blog's inception nearly 1 year ago. Initially developed as a supplemental means of merchandising - a tool to improve sales - our blog has evolved, acting more like a direct portal into the minds at Worth.

Back to the slowdown. As many of our shoppers & readers already know, after a very difficult year, we're left with no option but to shut our doors (exact closing date yet to be determined). Despite having to relay this sad news, we'd also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support over these past few years. It's been inspiring to work for a company which has made no compromises in realizing its vision. Without all of the support, this wouldn't have been possible.

So what now? How about this. Absolutely every piece of clothing at Worth is AT LEAST 70% off. If you'd like to make one more visit to the store, we'd suggest that you do it soon, as stock is going fast. For news on future developments, keep checking the blog. You've got a friend in us!
Now, without further delay, I'd like to sign off with this overly mellow-dramatic, yet undeniably great (sort of) video by Soft Cell. "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye". The title says it all.


Sale Item of the Day: Denim Jacket by Blue Blood

...it's all in the details

Denim Jacket by: Blue Blood
100% cotton, produced in Italy
SALE $185- (Originally $466-)

This jacket, by Amsterdam's Blue Blood, is for the denim obsessed; the way its cut, its construction, wash and detail-level go far beyond any "jean jacket" that I've ever had the pleasure of encountering; and believe me, I take pleasure in such encounters. As was the case last spring/summer, I foresee denim jackets playing a key role in any smartly dressed man/woman's wardrobe for the duration of Calgary's warm-time. Personally, I like a denim jacket - especially one that's worn(washed) so beautifully - coupled with khaki pants OR shorts. Add a plain white T, or a bright madras button-up for a really laid-back, classic look. Love denim as much as I do? Then you may want to pair this jacket with jeans for the denim-on-denim look, which is great, as long as the pants and jacket work harmoniously in the cut and wash department. Waist-down considerations aside, denim jackets also look great layered beneath an overcoat. The possibilities are endless. To view this, or several other spring-appropriate jackets, which are now ALL on BIG-TIME sale, visit us in-store.


This Week in Men's Fashion Evolution

So, what direction is men's fashion headed? It's hard to say.

Based on what we've recently seen strutting down Parisian and Milanese runways, this fall, some guys will be brutish, while others will be perfect gentlemen - save for the odd hi-tech corset, or leggings/sandals/kilt (all black) combination. Leather will be everywhere - boots even more so. The (non)colour will be black, and warmth will be provided by shearling and goose-down. In a somewhat contradictory way, we sentimental types will wear ribbed-knits and boxy double-breasted jackets, which, to me are looking more 90's than 80's this season, as well as WWII era military everything (shearling, shearling, shearling). Finally, the turtleneck. The turtleneck will be stylishly polishing adam's apples everywhere EXCEPT ski resorts.

Here are some looks that I found interesting (whether I actually like them or not). Check out the shows at gq.com


Raf Simons

Maison Martin Margiela

John Galliano

Alexander McQueen

Paul Smith

*all images from GQ.com


Calgary Herald Feature: House of Nonie

image courtesy of calgaryfashion.ca

Recently, Nina Rahal-Kharey - one of Worth's favourite designers - was interviewed by Lincoln Phillip for the Calgary Herald. Below, Nina reveals some of what inspires her label; House of Nonie. As well, Rahal-Kharey comments on her own wardrobe, including her choice investment piece for this season. Currently, Nina's A/W 09 collection is on sale at Worth.

Soft, flowing style engages local designer

Who knew that a computer engineer could create sexy off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses that would make a glamour girl blush? Nina Rahal-Kharey, designer for her own label House of Nonie, is achieving exactly that.

Rahal-Kharey has had a knack for designing and sketching since junior high school, but decided on pursuing a more reliable profession -- until a few years ago.

"I lost my brother to violence, which was my trigger to listen to myself and do what I love doing," she says. Sketching was her therapy for coping with his loss.

Rahal-Kharey debuted her Spring 2010 collection at Alberta Fashion Week last fall, featuring short, flowing dresses with a signature one sleeve, and sari influence in draping.

For 2010, Rahal-Kharey plans on taking her local success to Montreal and New York. And you can be the first to check out her Fall/ Winter 2010 collection at Alberta Fashion Week in March.

"I've met so many great people, and am now looking for an agent. Designing is something that I love and hope to do it full time."

House of Nonie is available at Worth (119, 1013 17th Ave. S.W.); it's also online at houseofnonie.com.

She would best describe her style as:

Crazy. "I will try and put different pieces together that most wouldn't wear, and try to make it work."

Definition of Nonie:

"Nonie is my nickname, it was a love name that my dad gave me when I was born."

House of Nonie esthetic:

"Very natural, organic and flowing. I use lots of silks and chiffons, and I always include a tutu in my collections, because it's so feminine and classic."

Style evolution:

Rahal-Kharey transformed her style from classic suits and dresses to risk-taking with colour and dabbling with elements of punk rock.

Recessionista item:

A Chanel Classic Flap handbag is a fashion investment that Rahal-Kharey says will last her a lifetime.

Regrettable purchase:

A pair of leg warmers. "My legs are not long enough."

Signature accessory:

Chunky rings and lots of bracelets.

Signature fragrance:

Chanel No. 5.

Style influences:

Japanese street style, and strong women such as Michelle Obama and Audrey Hepburn.

Style icon:

Coco Chanel.

Favourite places to shop:

Coco and Violet, and Worth.

Make it go away:

Ugg boots worn with pyjama pants.

Bring it back:

Padded shoulders in blazers. "It's a very strong look on women."

Favourite labels:

Rahal-Kharey supports local boutiques and loves wearing Nuj Novakhett from Coco and Violet and her own line House of Nonie.

Fashion statement:

A fitted blazer with a high waist skirt and red lipstick is all she needs to set the world on fire.

Look for spring:

A pair of baggy shorts from her own collection.

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald


Abad Design

Having recently revisited his passion for jewellery making, Carl continues to toil away in his studio, creating these highly original re-worked pieces, which you'll only find at Worth. As is the case with all of Carl's work, photographs fall well-short as an effective method of presentation. Basically, you should come in and look at his work in person. Plus, you can chat with the designer himself!




Home Sweet Home

photos courtesy of the selby

At The Selby, listed below the heading "Sydney", among others, you'll find the names Susien Chong and Nic Braind - the duo behind Australia's oh-so-perfectly-executed label Lover. Along with their overwhelmingly soft-looking grey cat "Potato", the design duo have opened the doors to their lovely home, providing a rich visual representation of the place where these creative minds rest their....minds? Check it out. Check the whole site out. It's fantastic.

Also, a reminder; as one of only a few stores in North America that carry Lover (I've received emails from inquisitive clients world-wide), we've still got a few pieces remaining from the "White Moon Rising" collection, each of which is currently 50% off.


Street-Style Round-Up pt. 2

When it comes to clothing combinations, I've always known what I like, but I haven't always been able to explain why. Now, after a about a year working alongside Carl and my scrutineer of a sister, the separate elements which can make up "great style" have become easier for me to identify. Below are some looks that Carl and I chose from various places around the 'net, which showcase style in ways that we really admire. Check it out!

photo courtesy of street peeper
Liam's Pick:
I really like how this guy combines impactful colour with a sun-bleached sensibility, creating an all-'round natural look. Also, the uneven sleeve rolls and the layered sheer tops beneath his jacket look easy-going.

photo courtesy of the sartorialist
Carl's Pick:
This look goes all the way. Whether it's goth-grunge, grunge-goth, or homeless soul-siphon doesn't matter. With this level of immersion, classification will always fall short.

photo courtesy of stil in berlin
Liam's Pick
I really like the "dumb" shoes. Also, I like the not-quite-navy toggle coat paired with the not-quite-peach scarf. Despite the simplicity of this look, there's depth here.

photo courtesy of fine and dandy shop
Carl's Pick:
What struck us both about this gent, is the ease in which he leans against the subway wall in what's most likely, for him, an everyday-type getup. To convincingly pull off "looking bored" in a bow tie is tougher than you'd think.

image courtesy of stockholm street style
Liam's Pick:
She looks comfortable, doesn't she? That's it. That's the main thing.

image courtesy of the sartorialist
Carl's Pick:
First, kudos to Scott Schuman; this photos is fantastic. Now, the specifics; here's what we've got: colour, texture, patterns and layering-not unlike a great-tasting 5-layer dip. The difference is, while the aforementioned snack is delicious, it looks like decomposition. This on the other hand, looks masterful(in a really unthreatening way). And how about that smile? Talk about an accessory rarely seen on fashion blogs.

image courtesy of stil in berlin
Liam's Pick:
Okay, so this guy's expression isn't as welcoming, however, the way in which he employs complimentary patterns (perfect scale) , colour and what appears to be cerebral might is alluring all the same. My advice-talk strategy, any strategy with this guy.

photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Carl's Pick:
This good-time girl is having fun with tonality and quirkiness. Sound like a Schwarzenegger comedy? Sorry. The bottom line is that we really like this.



For whatever reason, often times, SALES can cause shoppers to experience varying levels of tension, indecision, or even indifference(odd, but true). Especially now, when everything in every store has been marked-down, it COULD be argued that shopping has temporarily  lost its luster, which we at Worth couldn't disagree with more! For those shoppers who are willing to put in the effort, there are some great deals on key pieces, or complete outfits to be had. To prove this point, I've posted some photos of outfits - each consisting of like-sized pieces, which create an entirely new look for a lot less than you'd expect. If you like what Carl has done with the mannequins, please come by the store, where you'll experience the service and unique surrounding that you've come to expect from us.   

Look #1

Look #1 (each piece of clothing is sized small)
blouse by: dace $185 SALE $69-
skirt by: greyhound $181 SALE $69-
necklace by: abad design $109 SALE $54.50 

Look #2

Look #2 (each piece of clothing is sized medium)
cardigan by: beth bowley $175 SALE $69-
blouse by: lover $329 SALE $165-
skirt by: kaadiki $260 SALE $129-
necklace (belt) by: rare $159 SALE $111.30

Look #3

Look #3 (each piece is sized large)
coat by: lilly + jae $359 SALE $179-
plaid top by: lilly + jae $174 SALE $87-
turtleneck by: generra $115 SALE $39-
jeans by: blue blood $309 SALE $155-
belt by: orcianni $255 SALE $79-
necklace by: rare $159 SALE $111.30


Similar to what's shown above for the ladies, this post is meant to showcase complete men's looks made up of like-sized garments - each which is currently on sale for 50-70 percent off. 

Look #1

Look#1 (each piece is sized small)
coat by: hyden yoo $409 SALE $205-
jacket by: wrath arcane $359 SALE $179-
t shirt by: generra $80 SALE $30-
pants by: generra $229 SALE $115-

Look #2

Look #2 (each piece is sized medium)
jacket by: ddc lab $300 SALE $150-
sweater by: generra $395 SALE $158-
shirt by: turk & taylor $147 SALE $49-
pants by: farah $145 SALE $72-
tie by: hyden yoo $89 SALE $63-

Look #3 (each piece is sized large)

jacket by: spurr $550 SALE $199-
vest by: conference of birds $322 SALE $99-
shirt by: t-county $165 SALE $59-
pants by: crosby $200 SALE $100-


New Jewelry by Abad Design

As things have slowed down a bit on this blog over the holidays, Carl has continued to keep busy making new jewelry. Below, you'll find some of his latest pieces - each one of a kind. Come in and check them out, and remember to check back for what's new at Worth.