shiny & new or trad & true?

Ok, brace yourselves, because here it comes; the d-word. Yes, Decade! Currently, there's not much of one left, but in a few days, we'll be embarking on the 10's, which, for many, is cause to c-e-l-i-b-r-a-t-e in a major way. Or, if you're like me, you might want to just take it easy, and relax with your friends. Either way, on the eve of Dec 31st, you ought to look good, which is why we've put together a few party-time looks for inspiration. Also, here's a reminder; everything at Worth is now on sale! End of the decade meets end-of-the-season sale. Serendipitous!  

Couple #1

On Him
jacket by greyhound: $334 SALE $139
tank-top by duckie brown: $240 SALE $99 
shirt by kaadiki: $180 SALE $89 
jeans by wrath arcane: $189 SALE $95
bow tie by leo jr. available at THE GALLERY 

On Her
top by traffic people: $249 SALE $125
jeans by blue blood: $349 SALE $175 
bag by sabra mottram

Couple #2

On Him
jacket by the cast: $525 SALE $208
shirt by conference of birds: $277 SALE $129
pants by wrath arcane: $169 SALE $85
jacket pin by abad design 

On Her
coat by lily + jae: $359 SALE $179
dress by lover: $296 SALE $148
necklace by toodlebunny: $275 SALE $192.50 



If you were forced to forego boxing day shopping due to a turkey hangover or sweet treat overdose, don't fear. We have marked down all clothing 50-70% off and all accessories 30% until the New Year! 


Carl's Five

Recently, Carl was asked by stimulant online to come up with five things that inspire him. One of his picks, Fine and Dandy Shop, which is based out of New York (with Calgary connections), has put together a lookbook to commemorate their 1st year of online dandyism. Nice!

Click HERE to see all of Carl's five.


Jewelry by Carl Abad

From the multi-skilled Carl Abad, these necklaces, each one-of-a-kind, crystalize (in this employee's humble opinion) Carl's talent at a level somewhere beyond a Boeing's flight-path, and rising. A former jewelry major at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Carl, who's a highly regarded stylist and entrepreneur (he owns Worth) has recently been inspired to return to jewelry design, creating re-worked pieces which are available exclusively at Worth. Come in and check them out!





Jewelry by Carl Abad

After selling through his first collection of earrings in short-order, Carl made more! As we've mentioned before, each pieces is a one-of-a-kind available exclusively at Worth. 






Earring Singles by Abad Design

Every get that feeling that you need just one more accessory to make your outfit? Tuck that hair behind your ear and rock it like it's 1984.
All singles $39.00 each.


New Arrivals: RARE

For nearly a year, we've been stocking jewelry by Calgary's Rachel Gillet, a local designer whose reputation for producing quality, re-worked, one-of-a-kind pieces has grown immensely since we began carrying her work in early '09. Need proof ? If you look closely at the latest cover of avenue magazine, you'll see a piece by Rachel around the neck of CBC news anchor; Nirmala Naidoo. 

Below are some brand-new pieces by Rachel, which are available in-store now. Also, as we've mentioned here before, Rachel only produces one of every piece, making her work very unique.   








He's Baaaaaaack!

That's right, Duke, Worth's resident reindeer is back guarding our goods just in time for the holiday season. We took some time out yesterday to get in the spirit of things and decorated the store especially for you. Here are a few snap shots, but to get the full winter Worth experience you will have to come down and check it out in person. And while you're at it, enjoy the amazing 'Outside the Boxing Day' sale!


New Arrivals: BLK PINE

Who wouldn't love a tough-as-nails - 15oz canvas bag that's strong enough to haul a set of encyclopedias through the Black Forest - nevermind effortlessly toting your day-to-days around town. BLK PINE bags are made in Seattle Washington from American fabrics and materials, and they're available now at Worth.  

boston bag: $139-

messenger bag: $151-

day pack: $139-

tote: $69-
*also available in black tonal