The Many Layers of Summer

It's not too late to layer!

Ladies, if you're looking to beat the summer heat, try piling on a few of your favorite jewels or adding a belt to maintain your personal style. For the gents, it's the perfect time to suit up with a tailored windbreaker, light cotton shirt and shorts. For those of you looking to stow away a nip of your choice hooch, a Conference of Birds bag will keep your secret safe.

Men's Wear
Jacket: YMC $340-
Shirt: T-COUNTY $164-
Shorts: TURK & TAYLOR $163-
Scarf: THE CAST $50- sale price:$25-
Belt: ORCIANI $170- sale price: $85-

Women's Wear
Denim Jumper: LILY + JAE $189-
Shirt: BNX $130-
Necklace: TOODLE BUNNY $225
Belt: ORCINIA $180 sale price: $90


One Lucky Lady

Although it took a while to confirm our winner, on Wednesday May 27th, a good friend of Worth, Melissa Wusaty presented us with the winning ticket (the only one she purchased), giving her $1000.00 to spend in the store.

Congratulations Melissa, and thank you to everybody who participated in our fundraising for the Calgary Underground Film Festival.



For some fashionstas an outfit is never complete with out a scarf. Renee/Renee is a label that knows about the importance of scarves for men and women and has created exclusive one of a kind pieces that have been designed, cut, sewn and processed all in Renee Sherrer-Daly, (textile designer for the label) studio. Each is piece comes with a certifcate of purchase and is 100% silk.

Delicate yet sturdy it's a wonder at how crafted Renee/Renee scarves are. Each scarf is made up of little silk square pieces and are a personal favourite amongst many of our shoppers. It's the perfect addition to a summers day outfit or an elegant evening dress.



We find the perception of Eco-friendly clothes typically results in comments such as "It looks so boring." This is not the case with Turk + Taylor, the San Francisco based label created by Andrew Soernsen and Mark Lee Morris. Their use of playful colors reflect the labels Bay Area origins making it perfect for our soon to be here summer!

Photo Credit: Aleksas Valadka


Accessories Sale

Many would argue that accessories are what separates the well-dressed from the got-dressed, and quite frankly, "many" are right. Nothing adds depth to a classic, casual look, or sets off something a little more showy than the right piece of jewelery, belt, watch, hat, scarf, suspenders, handbag, broach, or, as exhibited recently by Chanel, a guitar.

So, with looking good in mind, we've marked down ALL ACCESSORIES, with savings of up to 50% off.

Featured in this sale, are the beautifully hand-crafted men's and women's belts by Fano, Italy's Orciani. For over twenty years, Orciani has been producing fine leather goods, using techniques and materials unmatched by other manufacturers.

Please visit us in-store to view the belts which "...demand to be touched, worn and experienced".



New Arrivals from Generra and Lily + Jay!

We've recently received our fist shipment from Generra for summer 09, and it's fantastic. As always, Generra has created a versatile collection of pieces, which are beautifully constructed from the finest fabrics. Whether it's a silk dress, a summery top, or a chunky knit, the understated elegance of Generra integrates wonderfully into any wardrobe.


From our friends at Lily + Jay in Vancouver, we've received some really cute (not a word I normally use, but in this case, it's inescapable) pieces, which scream "carefree summer" like only a light denim jumper can.

Finally, in case you've had your eye on them, we've recently marked down our hand-woven silk scarves by Renee, Renee from Seattle. Guaranteed, these scarves will look brilliant when lit up by this Summer's so far reluctant sun.


The Silent Rage

Yes, the Wrath Arcane boys are back in town and Worth’s picks for the Spring/Summer 2009 collection have arrived. The buzz about the label has created quite a stir in the fashion world amongst gentlemen near and far.

With one glance at their sturdy structures and distinct detailing we can see why. The button treatments, hidden zippers and holster designs are especially unique to Wrath Arcane, it is sometimes difficult to believe the label creates and produces right from Cleveland, Ohio.

Wrath Arcane’s mission is to send a message of quality over fad and trends. Each piece has a technical standpoint and designers Brian O’neill and Sean Bilovecky have come to be known as the designers to look out for in 2009.