Saturday Night of the Dead

*image from FADER

Saturday night Halloween. Look out. For years, different demons, aliens, and Chris Angel have been biding their time, waiting for this night to sizzle your pumpkin. With parties this major, I've decided to post a mix for those of you looking to stomp your claws; but mummies beware! Too much sweating, and you'll be paper mache.

Click HERE for Kingdom's exclusive mix for lower-end-spasm. Just like the punch bowl, this thing is full of hollow bass, filtered synths, and pitched-up trills by some classic house heavies. Enjoy!

Listen and Leave (everything behind)

New! From our friend's at God's Prey comes mix VII, "The Night Marchers". As usual, this one is very eclectic, cohesive, moody, and awesome. Get it for yourself HERE. Also, check out their BLOG.

Available Now: God's Prey A/W 09 @ Worth.


Carl on BT

Last Thursday morning, Carl sat down with Suzanne Fox at Breakfast Television to talk about jackets of different cuts, fabrics, and functions for both men and women. Besides showing pieces from Worth, Carl pulled from several Calgary boutiques, offering viewers a range of items from every price-point. Nice work Carl, and thank you to our models who were up before the baristas to aid us in the engagement.  

To see Carl in full-motion-video, click HERE 

Also, we'd like to congratulate Arlene Ladner (Carl's sister) on her write up in last Saturday's Calgary Herald. Arlene, who founded the interior design company Bronco Gray, recently designed for Calgary Flames' player Cory Sarich. 

To read the article, click HERE


Fashion Illustration

In a world full of endless options it's easy to forget that clothes don't just magically appear on the racks. In fact, most collections make their debut from pen to paper. Fashion illustration is an art unto itself that ranges from the most abstract outlines to highly detailed drawings. For an unprecedented peek into the sketch books of your favourite designers check out, Fashion Illustration By Fashion Designers. Here are a few of my favourites: 

BOOK: Fashion Illustration  by Fashion Designers - Laird Borrelli
Designer 1- Hanuk pg.106
Designer 2- Ricardo Tisci pg.96
Designer 3- Wlater Van Beirendonk pg.172
Designer 4- Gianfranco Ferre
Designer 5- Christian Laxcroix pg.56
Designer 6- Antonio Ciutto pg.29



Recently, Calgary artist Tobias Luttmer stopped by and dropped off some of his new belt buckles. Considering the scale of his metal and stone sculptures, these belt buckles, which are a nice example of his work, are both manageable and functional.







New Arrivals: TIMO! WALLETS

A dear friend of mine once carried such a bulging wallet, that it put his back out! Right before Christmas!
Maybe it wasn't his monster wallet which ceased/seized his holiday doings, BUT it probably didn't help. Anyways, new at Worth are timo! wallets; the ultra-slim, really tough, and nice-looking wallets for you to wrap around your $'s

Also, you can check out their blog HERE , then you can look forward to this spring when we'll be carrying timo! clothing.

*wallets are $33-



Making its debut at Worth, Henderson Dry Goods has created these amazing "wood lace" pieces, which are made from flexible, laser cut black walnut. 




New Arrivals: RARE

Bellow, you'll find the latest range of jewelry by Rachel Gillett. If you're interested in any of these pieces, please come in and see us, as "Rare" (aptly titled) is just that... 















For one last afternoon, our clothes got out to enjoy that Fall sunshine that can make you very sleepy. Thanks Melissa, these look great. 

Photography: Laura Margaret Ramsey  
Styling: Melissa Wusaty  

*clothing provided by Worth


This is a recent shoot styled by our friend Leah Van Loon. We really like it. View Leah's BLOG 

Photgraphy: Wilkosz + Way 
Styling: Leah Van Loon 
Hair: Phillip Elliot 
Make-up: Alicja Wilkosz