Street-Style Round-Up pt. 2

When it comes to clothing combinations, I've always known what I like, but I haven't always been able to explain why. Now, after a about a year working alongside Carl and my scrutineer of a sister, the separate elements which can make up "great style" have become easier for me to identify. Below are some looks that Carl and I chose from various places around the 'net, which showcase style in ways that we really admire. Check it out!

photo courtesy of street peeper
Liam's Pick:
I really like how this guy combines impactful colour with a sun-bleached sensibility, creating an all-'round natural look. Also, the uneven sleeve rolls and the layered sheer tops beneath his jacket look easy-going.

photo courtesy of the sartorialist
Carl's Pick:
This look goes all the way. Whether it's goth-grunge, grunge-goth, or homeless soul-siphon doesn't matter. With this level of immersion, classification will always fall short.

photo courtesy of stil in berlin
Liam's Pick
I really like the "dumb" shoes. Also, I like the not-quite-navy toggle coat paired with the not-quite-peach scarf. Despite the simplicity of this look, there's depth here.

photo courtesy of fine and dandy shop
Carl's Pick:
What struck us both about this gent, is the ease in which he leans against the subway wall in what's most likely, for him, an everyday-type getup. To convincingly pull off "looking bored" in a bow tie is tougher than you'd think.

image courtesy of stockholm street style
Liam's Pick:
She looks comfortable, doesn't she? That's it. That's the main thing.

image courtesy of the sartorialist
Carl's Pick:
First, kudos to Scott Schuman; this photos is fantastic. Now, the specifics; here's what we've got: colour, texture, patterns and layering-not unlike a great-tasting 5-layer dip. The difference is, while the aforementioned snack is delicious, it looks like decomposition. This on the other hand, looks masterful(in a really unthreatening way). And how about that smile? Talk about an accessory rarely seen on fashion blogs.

image courtesy of stil in berlin
Liam's Pick:
Okay, so this guy's expression isn't as welcoming, however, the way in which he employs complimentary patterns (perfect scale) , colour and what appears to be cerebral might is alluring all the same. My advice-talk strategy, any strategy with this guy.

photo courtesy of lookbook.nu
Carl's Pick:
This good-time girl is having fun with tonality and quirkiness. Sound like a Schwarzenegger comedy? Sorry. The bottom line is that we really like this.

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  1. I saw that picture of the guy with the gold shoes and checked hat (and everything else!) on the Sartorialist and totally thought of Carl. The only thing missing was fingerless gloves and a bundle! HA! Just kidding. It is a great derelicte mix á l'Abad.