For whatever reason, often times, SALES can cause shoppers to experience varying levels of tension, indecision, or even indifference(odd, but true). Especially now, when everything in every store has been marked-down, it COULD be argued that shopping has temporarily  lost its luster, which we at Worth couldn't disagree with more! For those shoppers who are willing to put in the effort, there are some great deals on key pieces, or complete outfits to be had. To prove this point, I've posted some photos of outfits - each consisting of like-sized pieces, which create an entirely new look for a lot less than you'd expect. If you like what Carl has done with the mannequins, please come by the store, where you'll experience the service and unique surrounding that you've come to expect from us.   

Look #1

Look #1 (each piece of clothing is sized small)
blouse by: dace $185 SALE $69-
skirt by: greyhound $181 SALE $69-
necklace by: abad design $109 SALE $54.50 

Look #2

Look #2 (each piece of clothing is sized medium)
cardigan by: beth bowley $175 SALE $69-
blouse by: lover $329 SALE $165-
skirt by: kaadiki $260 SALE $129-
necklace (belt) by: rare $159 SALE $111.30

Look #3

Look #3 (each piece is sized large)
coat by: lilly + jae $359 SALE $179-
plaid top by: lilly + jae $174 SALE $87-
turtleneck by: generra $115 SALE $39-
jeans by: blue blood $309 SALE $155-
belt by: orcianni $255 SALE $79-
necklace by: rare $159 SALE $111.30

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