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Recently, Nina Rahal-Kharey - one of Worth's favourite designers - was interviewed by Lincoln Phillip for the Calgary Herald. Below, Nina reveals some of what inspires her label; House of Nonie. As well, Rahal-Kharey comments on her own wardrobe, including her choice investment piece for this season. Currently, Nina's A/W 09 collection is on sale at Worth.

Soft, flowing style engages local designer

Who knew that a computer engineer could create sexy off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses that would make a glamour girl blush? Nina Rahal-Kharey, designer for her own label House of Nonie, is achieving exactly that.

Rahal-Kharey has had a knack for designing and sketching since junior high school, but decided on pursuing a more reliable profession -- until a few years ago.

"I lost my brother to violence, which was my trigger to listen to myself and do what I love doing," she says. Sketching was her therapy for coping with his loss.

Rahal-Kharey debuted her Spring 2010 collection at Alberta Fashion Week last fall, featuring short, flowing dresses with a signature one sleeve, and sari influence in draping.

For 2010, Rahal-Kharey plans on taking her local success to Montreal and New York. And you can be the first to check out her Fall/ Winter 2010 collection at Alberta Fashion Week in March.

"I've met so many great people, and am now looking for an agent. Designing is something that I love and hope to do it full time."

House of Nonie is available at Worth (119, 1013 17th Ave. S.W.); it's also online at houseofnonie.com.

She would best describe her style as:

Crazy. "I will try and put different pieces together that most wouldn't wear, and try to make it work."

Definition of Nonie:

"Nonie is my nickname, it was a love name that my dad gave me when I was born."

House of Nonie esthetic:

"Very natural, organic and flowing. I use lots of silks and chiffons, and I always include a tutu in my collections, because it's so feminine and classic."

Style evolution:

Rahal-Kharey transformed her style from classic suits and dresses to risk-taking with colour and dabbling with elements of punk rock.

Recessionista item:

A Chanel Classic Flap handbag is a fashion investment that Rahal-Kharey says will last her a lifetime.

Regrettable purchase:

A pair of leg warmers. "My legs are not long enough."

Signature accessory:

Chunky rings and lots of bracelets.

Signature fragrance:

Chanel No. 5.

Style influences:

Japanese street style, and strong women such as Michelle Obama and Audrey Hepburn.

Style icon:

Coco Chanel.

Favourite places to shop:

Coco and Violet, and Worth.

Make it go away:

Ugg boots worn with pyjama pants.

Bring it back:

Padded shoulders in blazers. "It's a very strong look on women."

Favourite labels:

Rahal-Kharey supports local boutiques and loves wearing Nuj Novakhett from Coco and Violet and her own line House of Nonie.

Fashion statement:

A fitted blazer with a high waist skirt and red lipstick is all she needs to set the world on fire.

Look for spring:

A pair of baggy shorts from her own collection.

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